Ro Gebhardt „Blue Music For A Blue Planet“
Ro Gebhardt (2021/22) – Alecro Records – LC 95493

Joyous Jaguar | soundfile |
Could It Be (Ode An Die Erde) | soundfile |
Into The Djungle | soundfile |
Blue Whale Dance | soundfile |
Tears Of Thor | soundfile |
Last Ivory | soundfile |
Could It Be (Ode An Die Erde) Radio Edit | soundfile |


Nina Links – Vocals
Ro Gebhardt – Gitarre
Christian Pabst – Keyboards
Gernot Kögel – Bass
Jeff Herr – Drums
Lisa Saterdag – Violine

All compositions and arrangements by Ro Gebhardt

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Ro Gebhardt „Fruit Of Passion“
Ro Gebhardt (2016) – JAZZsick Records – LC 11708

Meaning Of My Life | soundfile |
Cool | soundfile |
But Most Of All | soundfile |
Fruit Of Passion | soundfile |
Found My Way | soundfile |
Oh Yes, I Miss Her | soundfile |
Let‘s Start From The End | soundfile |
I‘ll Care For You | soundfile |
Nice Nice | soundfile |
Nights In Berlin | soundfile |
You‘N‘Me | soundfile |
Be There | soundfile |

Twana Rhodes
Marc Secara
Romy Camerun
Dominik Steegmüller
Andrea Reichhardt
Joanna Kiolbassa

Christian Pabst – Keyboards
Gernot Kögel – Bass
Jean-Marc Robin – Drums

Erny Hammes – Trompete
Phil Schug – Posaune
Thomas Girard – Saxophon

All compositions by Ro Gebhardt

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Ro Gebhardt/Gautier Laurent/Antonio Sanchez „Triage à Trois“
Ro Gebhardt (2013) – JAZZsick Records – LC 11708
Blue Baloo | soundfile |
Intro What A Thing |
What A Thing | soundfile |
See U Soon | soundfile |
EYT | soundfile |
Tato | soundfile |
Tudo Bem |
Indi |

All compositions by Ro Gebhardt

The recordings were made on a monday afternoon after a 1 week tour with Antonio Sanchez. The 3 hour session was very inspiring. Here is the result. Thanks for playing, folks!

Ro Gebhardt – git
Gautier Laurent – bass
Antonio Sanchez – drums

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Ro Gebhardt & Burdette Becks „In Concert“
Ro Gebhardt (2011) – JAZZsick Records – LC 11708

The Fool On The Hill / The Beatles | soundfile |
Wave / A. C. Jobim | soundfile |
And I Love Her / The Beatles | soundfile |
Lady Madonna / The Beatles | soundfile |
Yesterday / The Beatles | soundfile |
Be There / Ro Gebhardt | soundfile |
You Never Give Me Your Money / The Beatles | soundfile |
Day Tripper / The Beatles | soundfile |
Anos Dourados / A.C. Jobim | soundfile |

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Ro Gebhardt & Friends „ European Jam“
Ro Gebhardt (2008) – JAZZsick Records – LC 11708

European Jazz Guitar Trio:
Blue Baloo | soundfile |
I’ll Care For You | soundfile |
What A Thing | soundfile |
My Romance
Invierno Porteño | soundfile |
Giant Seven | soundfile |
40th | soundfile |
Tudo Bem | soundfile |
See You Soon | soundfile |
Primavera Porteño

My Romance | soundfile |
E.Y.T. | soundfile |
And I Love Her | soundfile |
It’s Rainy | soundfile |
Bo Sco | soundfile |
Teatime At Timesqare | soundfile |
I Remember Wellfleet | soundfile |
Things To come

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Solo – improvisations and variations on music from different centuries
Ro Gebhardt (2005)
Tirando – LC 11902

Bem-Vindo | soundfile |
My Romance
| soundfile |
Primavera Porteño
| soundfile |
Ola Ana
| soundfile |
Invierno Porteño
| soundfile |
My Secret Love-Intro
My Secret Love
And I Love Her
| soundfile |
Agua De Beber
| soundfile |
Improvisation on C-Dur-Präludim
Improvisation on Sarabande (Partita A-Moll)
9 Monkeys
I Love You
| soundfile |

„Der Meister der Improvisation überzeugt mit Vielseitigkeit und atemberaubender Fingerfertiggkeit“ General-Anzeiger

„Die Seelen der Zuhörer gestreichelt“ Rhein-Sieg-Rundschau

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Oasis – Ro Gebhardt’s Intercontinental (2004)
Tirando – LC 11902

Be there | soundfile |
You’N’Me |
soundfile |
E.Y.T. |
soundfile |
New Beginning |
soundfile |
What A Thing |
soundfile |
Pyramid |
soundfile |
Bounce |
soundfile |

These recordings are as well performed by an international as well as from an excellant band (bassist from NYC, pianist from france, drums from germany). Warm, quiet Guitar-music for the upcoming long winterevenings. This time no acoustic guitar. This time no vocals.This time no piano as comping instrument for the up- and down-going solo-lines of the band-leader but Fender- Rhodes with that typical Sound of the 70ies. Sound-engenieer again the outstanding Ralf Schnellbach. Cover-art from the outstanding painter Thomas Kitzinger from Freiburg.
The Band:

Roland Höppner / Cologne- drums
Pierre-Alain Goualch/Paris – piano
Harvie S (Swartz) /NYC – upright bass
Ro Gebhardt -guitars,comp.,arr.

Thanks you soooooooooo much again, folks!!!!

Oasis-Review on german magazine JazzPodium (only in german)

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On My Mind – Ro Gebhardt & Band (2003)
JAZZ’n’ARTS – LC 11171

The Man With The Hat | soundfile | scores |
Indi |
soundfile | scores |
Don’t Ask Me Like A Stranger/Intro |
soundfile |
Don’t Ask Me Like A Stranger |
scores |
On My Mind |
soundfile | scores |
Take Care |
soundfile | scores |
The Girl In Pink |
soundfile | scores |
Traces |
soundfile | scores |
Satin Doll |
soundfile | scores |
Dance Of The Capricorn |
soundfile | scores |

Pierre Alain Goualch piano, pads., Martin Gjakonovski upright bass, Gernot Kögel e-bass, Roland Höppner drums, Andrea Reichhart vocals, Jochen Krämer percussion, Ro Gebhardt comp.& arr./ acoustic gutar


Hi Roland,
I received your CD – Great! You are really a fantastic player and I like the way the CD and music are produced.
All the best,
John Goldsby

Dear Ro,
I’ve just listened to ON MY MIND, with pleasure.  Congratulations on a fine piece of work.  I think you’ve done a great job on all aspects of the project; I especially enjoyed your writing, and I think you got excellent performances out of everybody, yourself of course included.

I hope you’re already hard at work on your next album, and I hope you’re able to maintain the high standard you’ve set with ON MY MIND. Again, congratulations to you and all the others who worked with you on this CD.

Best Wishes,
Steve Swallow

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Lazy Days – Ro Gebhardt & Band (1999)
Mood- records – LC 005453

Talking to your heart | soundfile | scores 132 KB |
On one day |
soundfile |
Abraxas |
soundfile | scores 172 KB |
Giant steps to heaven |
soundfile |
Lover man |
soundfile |
Lazy Days |
soundfile | scores 260 KB |
Newyorican Cafe Blues |
soundfile | scores 304 KB |
( Don’t try to have) Teatime at Timesquare |
soundfile | scores 440 KB

Daniela Koenig voc., Martin Preiser keys, Kurt Billker drums, Diego Imbert doublebass, Jochen Krämer perc.

„Roland Gebhardt is an experienced musician who now with „Lazy Days“ without doubt has managed to play in the first row of European jazz-guitarists. Intelligent dealing with the tradition of standards, virtuoso lines, a terse sound and outstanding fellow musicians let this CD be an event for the listener. Even strolls to pop-jazz turn out to be full of atmosphere, expressive and never too smooth. Absolutely excellent.“
Magazine for musicians „Gitarre & Bass“ 08/2000

[…] Looking for models, one strikes gold above all in the area of jazz, which – thanks to the innovative work of Nordic musicians like Nils Petter Molvær or Bugge Wesseltoft – seems to have got rid of its image of ”not dead but with a strange smell”. However, one does not have to turn towards Scandinavia. Also in our own country, one can find young jazz musicians whose work gladdens even a keyboarder’s heart: For example, the guitarist Roland Gebhardt. Indeed, Roland Gebhardt is a potential idol for coming generations of (not only) guitarists. This fact is proven by his first record with the music-label MOOD Records. Gebhardt is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has been pupil in the master class of Pat Metheny’s teacher Mick Goodrick. Gebhardt’s immensely fluent solo-lines and his sound, which reminds us a little of Volker Kriegel but is unmistakably Gebhardt’s own refined tone, are amazing […]. A fine, mature album. Awfully good!“Keyboards“, CD of the month 10/2000

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The Boston Tunes – Roland Gebhardt Trio (1997)
La gratte productions – LC 7997

All fly home | soundfile | scores 152 KB |
Tiny steps |
soundfile | scores 216 KB |
Country & Western |
scores 288 KB |

Highly virtuoso and complex guitar-jazz in its most modern form.

Bass: Stefan Rademacher, drums: Sebastiaan de Krom

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